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There’s some awesome street photography in this movie as well!

Adventures in Photography

“Koyannisqatsi” is the first film of “The Qatsi Trilogy”. The film is directed by Godfrey Reggio with Ron Fricke and Philip Glass responsible for cinematography and musical score respectively.


Ground breaking for its day, there is no plot or dialogue in the movie.   Koyannisqatsi consist entirely of synergistic music and imagery which is shot and played back in time lapse or slow motion.   The scenes range from the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon to the destructive power of the nuclear bomb to provide a breath taking critique on modern life which as the title suggest is a crazy and out of balance existence.


Some of my favorite montages in the movie include sequences from sausage making machines cutting to Grand Central escalators crowded with people at rush hour.  Or the ariel view of the city morphing into a microscopic view of computer circuitry.  These montages induce a hypnotic like…

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