Candid Wedding Photographers – Explained

by Adventures in Photography

Knots & Vows

Namrata logoIn the last few years, wedding photography has been revolutionized by the arrival of the DSLR. Competition has shot up & many youngsters have taken Photography as their profession, as it is much easier to click on the latest DSLRs than to shoot with film cameras that have a smaller tolerance for errors. The end result, quality of photography in the wedding space has gone up. In all this, a new term has been coined, “The Candid Wedding Photographer”. All the new-age photographers consider themselves candid photographers. So how is a Candid Wedding Photographer different from a regular wedding photographer? Why are there regular wedding photographers? Why don’t regulars click candids too?! What are the skills a candid wedding photographer needs to have? Let us take a look at the answers to all these questions below:

  1. How is a Candid wedding photographer different from a regular wedding photographer? The one…

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