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Finding yourself in the streets

As mobile phone photography will be a major component in our workshops, we will regularly be posting iPhone images. Mobile phones are quickly becoming essential tools for street photographers because they are small and easy to use. We are hoping to dispel the myth that mobile photography is a lesser art form. Just the opposite in fact. The challenge is finding new and creative ways to shoot street that you never imagined possible.

See you in the streets!


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Heads And A Tale

Arax and Sevan

Terrence, Osborne Road

Rob Cartwright Photography | Blog

Having just devoured a brunch of salmon and scrambled egg at Boulangerie Bon Matin, I spotted this guy looking generally awesome on the other side of the street and ran over to grab a couple of shots.

Occasionally I wish I could carry off the wearing of several chains. This was one of those times.

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Man In Glasses

Portrait of Ruben inside Union Station, Los Angeles, CA USA



Street: Guitar Man

M. Mason Photography

guitar man

I liked the shot when I took it but didn’t like either the black and white or the colour versions in processing – so I went tone map, and did like it.

In other news, my walk around street camera, an ancient PowerShot A710 IS (5.8-34.8mm / 1:2.8-4.8 / 7.1 megapixel), has been replaced with a PowerShot SX110 IS (6.0-60mm / 1:2.8-4.3 / 9.0 megapixel). After a quick trip to Belize with my daughter at the end of the month the A710 is finding a new home in the east end of the city supporting a food blog and taking pictures of an uber cute almost 2 year old.

The project I am currently working on (unfortunately not photography related) is going to make it real easy to meet expenses for the next few months (and when you’re self employed that’s a good thing), but its May 30th…

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random for the sake of it

Candid Wedding Photographers – Explained

Knots & Vows

Namrata logoIn the last few years, wedding photography has been revolutionized by the arrival of the DSLR. Competition has shot up & many youngsters have taken Photography as their profession, as it is much easier to click on the latest DSLRs than to shoot with film cameras that have a smaller tolerance for errors. The end result, quality of photography in the wedding space has gone up. In all this, a new term has been coined, “The Candid Wedding Photographer”. All the new-age photographers consider themselves candid photographers. So how is a Candid Wedding Photographer different from a regular wedding photographer? Why are there regular wedding photographers? Why don’t regulars click candids too?! What are the skills a candid wedding photographer needs to have? Let us take a look at the answers to all these questions below:

  1. How is a Candid wedding photographer different from a regular wedding photographer? The one…

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