Ninh Binh and Tam Coc

by Adventures in Photography

Anna & Franco go to Asia for their Grand Tour

Ninh binh is a small town 150 km south of Hanoi, the town itself is nothing special but the surroundings are really gorgeous.
There is a National Parc and a little town called Tam Coc, where carst mountains are sorrounded by rice paddies.

Green in all its shades. We went on a rowing boat on a touristic path, full of local school trips and vietamse people; How do we know? Vietnamese people could stay in a boat with more than 2people, while foreigner only 2 per boat.
Aside the natural beauty of the path it was quite amusing being the second point of interest for those kids, who were shouting HELLOO and taking photos of us. ( sometimes they were giggling too…)

Afterwards we rented mountain bikes and we cicled in the countryside, amaazing.
basically, the idea that you have of Vietnam is there, waiting to be photographed and explored.

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