Hong Kong & Kowloon – Street Scenes in the Daylight

by Adventures in Photography

Fai Quan

Hong Kong and Kowloon are both fascinating cities with so much to see.  Since I never knew my Dad and this is where he lived and died, I imagined myself being in his shoes and seeing these same sights.  It was a very personal moment for me.

Cameron Road, Kowloon

Outside Central Station (MTR) in Hong Kong

Connaught Road turn around, downtown Hong Kong

Hong Kong Station (MTR). A downtown check-in for those traveling by Air. Check-in your flight, check your bags and grab the train to the Airport. A convenience for allowing those with a later flight to spend some time exploring the city before heading to the airport.

One of the many piers for passengers catching ferry to island destinations

Large underground walkways for the MRTs (Mass Rapid Transit)

Apartments in the Wan Chai neighborhood

Apartments in downtown Hong Kong

Lohas Park is located as the last MTR…

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