Photographer: John Kilar | Venice Beach

by Adventures in Photography


John Kilar

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John Kilar may reside in Venice Beach, but his raw and grainy shooting style depicts no California dreaming. Instead, he adopts a cold documentation of his experiences around LA.

Kilar utilises a unique and creative process, but due to the spontaneity of his subject matter he walks on the wild side just to capture a culture at its very worst. This immersive journalism portrays LA like it’s never been seen before. But amongst an extensive series of perturbing and descriptive imagery such as ‘Life’, there are snapshots of serenity amongst chaos, like the calm before the storm.

With this in mind, Kilar’s eclectic style gains coherence in the juxtaposition of artificiality of society and natures sterility. However, his work is nothing more than a sequence of opposing perceptions. Kilar has a tenacious ability to share more than the backstreets of LA. He communicates his feelings, thoughts and experiences between…

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