Momentos Decisivos em Brasil

by Adventures in Photography

zest and all the rest

The decisive moment is a phrase commonly associated with Henri Cartier-Bresson’s style of photography. It involves noticing patterns, artistic geometries and symmetries that frame snapshots of everyday life. Sometimes the moment is as serendipitous as running out of the rain or a pair of children racing past you. Other times, it is seeing something unusually interesting or beautiful and waiting for it. There were many times when I did not walk around Brazil with a camera because I just wanted to be in sync with a fascinating culture. One that is very comfortable with its appearance, pace of life, and very satisfied with good family and food. Music, art, and street vendors abound in every direction. The buses, which are not for the faint of heart, sped up cobble-stone roads taking sun-kissed teenagers and families home. Yet, Brazil was a playground for street photography, because the culture exists on the streets.

Decisive Moments…

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