Full Frame Interview: Danielle Houghton

by Adventures in Photography

Beirut Street Photographers (BSP)

Danielle Houghton was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1969 and has had a passion for photography since picking up a camera as a teenager. Her commitment to Street Photography really ignited in 2010 and since then she has been very active in the online Street Photography Community. She has also exhibited in London.

She likes to explore fresh ways of documenting the streets we live in where a ‘street’ can be more than the traditional definition and can encompass anywhere a sense of life occurs.

Let us get to know Danielle a little bit better:

1. How did you get into street photography?

In a way I discovered street photography twice – though the first time I did not know what I enjoyed had a name.

In my teens, as my brother dabbled in developing black and white photographs in a cupboard at home. I thought it may be fun…

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