Using Color in Street

by Adventures in Photography

Today on Earth, Art

In each of these, the color is a vital part of the story — colorful clothes and the symbolism of color need to be seen, not muted. The first group is just typical of the diverse city. The middle shot is of a canine activist and friends. The final shot is of two friends leaving after a major LGBT rally. In each case, color is central to the shot, and is my primary choice. With color, emphasis tends to be on the subjects as well as the environment. Bright colors demand attention whether or not you mean it to be a focus (for instance, the car’s tail light or the woman crossing in the background).

If we look at the same shots in monochrome, the emphasis changes:

In the shot featuring the Pug, the photo is no longer of participants from a LGBT rally. Instead, it’s a more intimate shot of…

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