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Länsituulentie, Tapiola


Faces of the North

Yesterday I traveled to Edinburgh for the day with a group of friends. The first thing that struck me was the number of homeless people begging on the streets. It was bitterly cold and these folk were everywhere. On Princes Street we witnessed an act of kindness when a guy walked up to a homeless man and gave him a coat and then just walked off to get his bus.



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Street Life

chasing Clicks-Vincent G

I wake with no work today, nothing to do! I sit and wonder what to do with my day? I pick my camera bag up and head for the door not knowing what i shall capture. This is the life of a street photographer “ Not knowing

There is something about street life that is not only challenging but endearing, not just the people but the back alleyways that look mysterious, the homeless that many ignore, the street cleaners and delivery men that work their dead-end job’s! You’ll see many happy people but much misery on the streets.

On the street your naked for all to see!

While i always chase the “click” i always respect the people i’m shooting, these people have unforeseen problems unknown to the world, i don’t want to belittle or make them feel uncomfortable i read the moment and situation then i’ll make my decision. Been silent…

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500c/m Roll 21, Frame #9 ~ Cage

Silent Moments

Hasselblad 500c/m + 50mm f/4 Distagon C T*, Ilford HP5 Plus

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Stockholm Calling!

Summer’s Coming


Shoreditch Style

Using Color in Street




Recently my Ipod a friend gave me broke and I’ve been without portable music for a bit now. Actually, I don’t mind it so much. It’s hard to be in tune with your surroundings when you are in your own musical moment.

I can hear a cello echoing through the underground hallway. It’s humming the prelude to the first cello suite by Bach. It’s a classic piece that most will be able to recognize. The sound is staggered by the constant bustling of people as I approach, until this man finally reveals himself. He is completely in the notes. He is immersed in it. His eyes are closed and he becomes the classic piece. It’s easy to photograph someone who is in the moment. They are not concerned with the outside. They are in tune within.
I dropped a dollar in his hat. He doesn’t even notice. He just plays…

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