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Fujifilm X20 Candid Street Photography

Friday with the people (part three)

shopping window at night

So anyway

Greek women have mustaches

About a month ago my laptop cable decided to bomb out on me. I ain’t paying R800 for a new one, so I’m sans PC until I have enough cash to buy a whole new monster. Computers at work are for, well, work. And Facebook. And updating your blog when no one is looking. Btw, isn’t it uber annoying when people walk by and decide to look at what you’re doing on screen?


So in the meantime, here’s some photo’s I’ve taken in life.

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Messages from Vienna

Teenage Precinct Shoppers by Nigel Shafran: A Look Back to 1990


Richard Sandler serves us a stunning 1980’s New York


Someone handed Richard Sandler a Leica in ’77 and blessed us with this flawlessness. He believes everything can be seen on the streets. He believes filming is easier than still photography.

Sandler believes cellular phones have robbed the photographer of their subjects, “There is nothing more boring, nothing more nondescript and vacant than a person on a cell phone walking down the street. They seem to be out of the game. People are walking around in bubbles.”

Technology suffocates the mess. The mistakes are in the mess and the beauty is in the mistakes.

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Pictures of the Week: March 29 – April 5


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