candidinatlanta:#ShootBack Day 8:I could not help but feel some…

by Adventures in Photography


#ShootBack Day 8:

I could not help but feel some connection to the past as I ran through the rain to capture these photos. I wondered what it must have been like in the past for photographers attempting to capture the actions of great individuals in tough situations. I wanted so badly not to dramatize the moment- to make it more than it was- but running frantically in the surf had maybe made me delirious and I could almost hear the blood rushing in my ears over the thunder. Maybe these photos weren’t so simple, maybe they really meant something- maybe this wasn’t really normal…

Project #ShootBack is an informal photojournal account of my experience as an artist, photographer and young activist exploring the realms of my black identity within the movement while using the evolution of my art as a tool for self discovery as I uncover my history and potential. This is leading up to my goal of traveling to Selma, Alabama in March to photograph the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday.” Thousands, including the president will be coming to town. I’m currently raising money for this trip and my activism efforts in general here:

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