Full Bleed: Skateboarding X Street Photography

by Adventures in Photography

Street Nature Photo Scope

Skateboarding to me isn’t just a sport I picked up growing up as a kid, but has been a passion of mine. The combination of skating and photography has been going around for many years now – capturing those moments and action shots. Most skateboarding magazines are visually intended to show a lot of skaters doing tricks at spots mainly found in the streets.

I recently came upon a book titled ‘Full Bleed – NEW YORK CITY SKATEBOARD PHOTOGRAPHY’ by Alex Corporan, Andre Razo and Ivory Serra, which I first read an article online on VICE’s website. This book really hit me, not only because it was based around skateboarding, but because the book is generally based in the heart of New York City. Which there skating the streets is a singular experience for one individual. The images produced in New York are quite unique due to the skaters and the vast…

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