Street Photo of the Week #84

by Adventures in Photography

Beirut Street Photographers (BSP)

What’s your guilty pleasure? Come on, we all have at least one. What’s that one thing you know you shouldn’t do or get but still indulge in anyway every now and again?

Is it that big greasy burger with fries you’re digging into right now although you know you should be watching your waistline? (the diet cola you’re drinking with it isn’t really helping) Is it that sexy new phone you know you can’t afford but you might just give up on going out for the rest of the month to be able to hold it in your hand?

The thing about guilty pleasures is that we definitely know they’re bad for us and that’s what makes them feel so good at the same time ironically enough. Whether we realize it or not, deep down they satisfy an emotional need.

Street photography offers each of us a chance to understand…

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