Hide and Seek in New York City

by Adventures in Photography


New York City is the best place to play Hide and Seek in my opinion. The density of people, buildings and skyscrapers, traffic noise, subway, restaurants, shops, fashion, etc. All of these together makes New York City unique in my eyes.

A woman in purple fur coat is looking for a cab after doing her shopping at Chelsea market, New York City, March 2013.

A big tree casts a long shadow over a gravestone in Trinity Church Cemetery, New York City, March 2013.

The blue sky and empty tree branches in Central Park reflect on the windows of the Metropolitan Museum building as the shadows of the bare branches are casted against the wall of the building and over the cold ground with a little snow left.

It is a reflection of many stories after I photographed myself from the glass wall outside of a building under construction at Ground Zero…

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