The Tight Fisted Photographer Meets his Match!

by Adventures in Photography

The Tight Fisted Photographer

Clones can be so cheeky and rude!  And outside of a church door at that!  A cameo or self portrait.  Who says I can’t put my arse online?  Maybe the clone to the right of the image, should have been carrying a stonking new Canikon with gigantic telephoto, power grip, and a CANIKON logo blazing camera backpack?

The Digital RAW image was post-converted to b&w using my favourite method: Free open source UFRaw channel mixer, saving the result as a high quality jpeg.  In this image, I then enhanced a little further with Gimp 2.8, and added the clone from another image taken at the same time.  Open source software such as Gimp and UFRaw doesn’t cost a penny.  It’s truly free.

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