LA CIENEGA / Daily Photograph # 1,899

by Adventures in Photography


iPhone4s / PhotoForge2

Street photography and the iPhone, to me, seem made for each other. It can be nerve wracking to try framing a scene quickly and accurately without a viewfinder, yet shooting from the hip compensates by providing the thrill of the added need for coordination between eye and hand. Besides, I like cropping after the fact, and see it as an important tool in my arsenal.

There are so many ways to make a photograph. The validity of any approach is to be found in the finished image, not in the method used to produce it.

The only “right” camera is the camera that is right for the user. The iPhone is just one of the phones that is right for me. But, because it's virtually always at hand, it is most often the right camera for me.

Coincidentally, it is also a darkroom, a library, a dictionary…

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