Golden River Treasure

by Adventures in Photography

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The Golden River (Kali Mas in Javanese) is a traditional seaport located at Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. During the times of the Dutch East Indies, this river was heavily utilized as a goods transport route. Pacing canoes and small boats transporting goods and commodities fish catch of fishermen and large trade ships unload commodity goods at the port of Tanjung Perak, where smaller ships take over and distribute the trade goods to inland.

Golden River

Until now catching and fish processing activities still can be seen in the area along the river although on a small scale. Whereas institution related to Kalimas public Port management, seems to no longer care at continuity that have age traditional port life hundreds of this year. The many dirt cause water quality and environmental along the length of Kalimas is not balmy like formerly.

Old man from Kalimas

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