Are We Important Enough?

by Adventures in Photography

Gimme Good Style

precious moment@ dolce and gabbana

I remember reading a really good article about what blogger exactly doing in fashion shows. They are not going to buy those clothes (well, maybe they will, but most of them won’t), they’re not going to make an editorial or something like that in the magazine and if they’re there to take some runway pictures and things like that… well, you can always find those photos faster in official fashion sites like or

So, what they do in fashion weeks?

The answers came up in my mind a few minutes after I read the whole article.

They’re there to socialize the show to people who don’t get a chance to see the show live. To make it accessible to ordinary people in different ways than other fashion websites. Their writing is the perfect way to communicate with people who love fashion all over the world. They’re cheesy, fun…

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