morning routine

by Adventures in Photography

Paris in the Midwest

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Jacket: Urban Outfitters (old). Peplum Top: Anthropologie (old). Skirt: Forever 21 (recent). Heels: Zara (last spring). Bag: Melie Bianco (last seen below). Sunnies: Westward\\Leaning. Jewelry: Michael Kors Watch; David Yurman Bracelet and Ring; H&M Necklace (old).

Alarm rings. Hit snooze. Ten minutes later, hit snooze again. Debate waking up, but drift off again until snooze jolts me awake. Drag myself out of bed. Take a steaming hot shower in order to finally stop staring at the back of my eyelids. Realize I am way behind schedule. Panic. Throw on easiest outfit. Quickly put together lunch. Rush out the door. Put makeup on, brush hair and throw it into a pony tail, while eating breakfast and driving to work. Grab Starbucks and finally begin the day.

Anyone have similar mornings? Far too often, I find myself too tired and choosing to sleep in instead of forcing myself up…

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