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Straight, No Chaser.

  I supposed I am blogging early today. Fell asleep last night scanning with my still dying scanner, and then woke up by a squirrel moving around at 6am in the attic. By the way if you see a line on the scan it’s the scanner, not the film or anything else. Anyways, unloaded my last roll of Tri X in the Konica at #8 decided to stick it in the Minolta SRTsc2 with the PF 55 1.4. What is the SRT SC-2 you say? Its the Sear’s version of the SRT201, a little more simplified. I’ll let you guys look at some photos and I will do my rambling on and on …. and on, about my strange behavior on selecting cameras nowadays afterwards.

  My strange behavior on selecting cameras, as of lately.

  Back in the days when I decide which camera to use for the weekend…

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