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Streets of Toronto… Chic Photographers…

Department of Corrections

random for the sake of it

Busy Keeping The Hand Busy

Girls at work

Street Food Vendor, New York

Journey Photographic

A street food vendor sells pretzels and hot dogs in Times Square, in front of a street of yellow taxi’s. I still regret not sampling his food, but in deference to the significantly-below-freezing-temperature, I wimped out and headed for an indoor restaurant to defrost instead.

(See more pictures from New York on Journey Photographic)


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Street salesman

Shayan Lens

He is a salesman in Tehran’s street, who has a few quantity of fruits to sale. He was polishing a red apple while watching my camera… We bought some fruits from him, and the expression of his face reminds me one of the Disney’s tale: the Queen (witch) who gave the Snow White that poisoned apple!

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Special Delivery

Backpacker – Vienna, Austria – 2013


Luca Sartoni - Portfolio

Fujifilm FinePix X100 – 1/15 – f2 – ISO1600 – 23mm

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Street Photography-Cairo, Egypt

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