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Sous La Pluie

OMBRELLO – Rome streets in the rain


It’s been a rainy spring in Rome. Which is a good thing, as it makes those cobblestones really shiny. Watch out, though – rain makes them slippery, too… Monochrome street photography, a photo essay.






























The first three are recent, as is the very last shot. The others are from a few months ago, reprocessed.


The last shot in particular, provides clear evidence that one should always carry a camera, even when the last thing on one’s mind is to take photographs. You just never know exactly what wondrous unscripted opportunity may unfold for the benefit of your lens. Another thing this picture seems to support is the idea that Italians really do know how to have fun. This one taxi…

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Honest Ed’s

I Kirkegata

The look

zebras, brollies and shut eye

Sean Breadsell

It was one of the first days of rain in Perth for ages, well it was drizzling all day not hard rain like most other cities in the world get.  Lots of brollies out today, see-through, big and small, pretty and even pretty damn ugly.  This one lady obviously saw me coming as I had the big Nikon out today, boom down went the zebra skin brolly covering her identity, and why wouldn’t you…

Zebra brollieBrollie girlEyes wide shut


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Man reading a book as seen crossing the street near Nega Meguro station in Tokyo

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