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Lady and Her Bestie

Ehsan Taghavi Photography

LadyI asked her if I can take a photo of her with her dog…

First she refused and said “she is not dressed up for a photo”…

But I couldn’t think of anything better and I love her style…she accepted very soon 🙂

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the dog walker


the dog walker

at the park with my kids, this lady with her dogs stopped me and asked for a quick photo. both dogs are 13 years old. oyaji da!

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So What?

Feature #125 Guibert Didier ‘It’s like an immersion into another reality’

Street Photographer Blog

Guibert Didier has always enjoyed street photography (since 40 years), it allows him to capture life as it is, the moment,the reflection, the  emotions, the small gestures. It’s like an immersion into another reality. Guibert favorite place to observe is downtown Paris where he has been trying to capture the unusual in everyday moment. He’s fond of most of the humanist photographers with a certain preference for : R.Doisneau, W.Ronis, H.Cartier Bresson, E. Erwitt. Street is unique and there is something special about shooting the diversity of humanity. Guibert is attracted by the many slices of life it offers. He desires to focus more on street close up portraits.
All images ©2013 Guibert Didier
To see more of his work go to his 500PX

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Photograph of the Week: “May I Help You?”

Rui Palha Photography

This week’s photograph comes to us via Portugal and award-winning photographer Rui Palha.

Check out his “Street Photography” book HERE.

Happy Monday.

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Man’s Best Friend

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