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Is there a street photography bias?

Ed Vatza - Humanistic Street Photographer

This is a question that seems to pop up repeatedly. At least for me. I think about it. I seem to experience it. I hear others talk about it. But is it real?

As I tell people in my presentations, I think of myself as a photographer. Not a street photographer. Not a landscape photographer. Not a wedding photographer. But just a photographer. A guy with a camera who likes to take pictures of things that interest me.

Yes, this is a street photography blog. I love making photographs like this…


and this…


But I also thoroughly enjoy making images like this…


and this…


The issue isn’t that I can (or can’t) create very different types of images but that I can appreciate when others create very different images. A good photograph is a good photograph be it an image of a cat, a child, a sunrise, a barn, the…

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Darling, I’m Lost In The Forest

Tea Cups


First Wedding Shoot

Payton Miller Photography

Yep that’s right, I had my first wedding photo shoot a little over a month ago!  Thanks to a great friend and fellow photographer, Jessa (her blog here), we were able to tag team the wedding.  I’m super grateful that we did this together because wedding photography is difficult.  Did I change my ISO when we moved outside?  Whose that person behind the bride and groom?  Where did that hand in my frame come from?  Where did I put my lens cap?  You get the idea.  Below are some of my favorite shots and I would love feedback (positive or constructive)!  Let me know what you think.



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Subway Dual Portrait

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