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Smoke break

Leica M11 Monochrom, Summilux M 35 ASPH FLE v2

Girl descending escalator



Going around to get a better shot




Tea Cups



M for Manual Mode

å p i n h ø n g k ø n g

Shoesmith - A second before   Shoesmith - A second after

These two captures of a shoesmith (a second before/after) reminded me how my photography all started from last year. It was all about personal exploration, experimentation, doing things that I’d not had thought of. Although the photos were shot out of the blue just when I thought my camera wasn’t awake, I hit the shutter release again; I see how much commitment I put into my photography. The magnitude might vary, I know it’s always there in me.

I once asked too many questions to myself. Here’s one: How could some photos be shot this way, with clear light and shadow? I knew it’s the exposure and I had no idea how to be done. Until I read about operating a camera in manual mode, that is not setting auto ISO, auto aperture, auto shutter speed on a camera. It indeed scared me at first.

When we…

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