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portobello girls

Playing cards in Western Australia.

First Fridays Art Walk, November 2014

Satchel & Satchel


Stephen Cosh Photography Blog

Satchel & Satchel

Glasgow, Scotland; 14.02.2015
M Monochrom; 50mm Summilux

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streetberlin:street photography berlin wittenbergplatz © martin…



Have you ever sent something you’ve been wanting to say…

Have you ever sent something you’ve been wanting to say for a year? But not dared? I did. Oh.. I really did. After a short while the body reacts by panic and before you know it you lie on the table again. Wires are attached to the body, you feel stupid and mad. You cry. You don’t understand how that was even possible after so much work with your own head. – I guess I forgot that my body exists to.. F*ck this. by annijor

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