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One Thing, Three Ways: Rose on Grand

You may remember Rose from another post earlier this week.  Here she is again modeling an amazing creation by the talented owner of ReDoux Fashions in the middle of Grand Boulevard in downtown Kansas City.

After seeing the amazing shots posted in our Meet Up space, I appreciate how much I have to learn, but I thought these three shots were worth sharing.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Rose in Street 1_edited-1

Rose on Grand Photo #1.  Brenan shooting Rose in the dress she created.

Rose in Street 2_edited-1

Rose on Grand Photo #2.  Talk about stopping traffic!

Rose in Street 3_edited-1

Rose on Grand Photo #3.  A whole different kind of red shoes pointing toward Kansas.

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A street food vendor sells pretzels and hot dogs in Times Square, in front of a street of yellow taxi’s. I still regret not sampling his food, but in deference to the significantly-below-freezing-temperature, I wimped out and headed for an indoor restaurant to defrost instead.

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