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The Perfect Shot

Street Photography – Taking a Break in Prague

Cooking Treats

Picture of the Day – April 10th 2013

Sagi-K Street Photography

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Kindred Spirits





Julia took note of the water level every day until she could see the submerged windows of the buildings getting closer to the surface. She would have been able to look inside but the canals were so full of fish it was difficult to see through. Whenever she looked at the water she saw fish coming out of the water, as if it was only inches deep. She knew the canals were thirty to a hundred feet deep in different areas of the city and certainly there was room enough for all the fish to swim even if the water level decreased by seven or eight feet. She thought she would investigate more and Gaia pressed her to swim in the canals and use the opportunity to give a good look inside the buildings.

It is dangerous if we are not fast enough, said Julia.

We shall be fast, said…

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99/365 (Pianist)

Never devalue yourself.


Today, my art professor told us that

You should never have sale on your art work.

If anything, start small and build your price up.

You never want to devalue your own work.

If you believe that your own work is a big part of yourself,

it’s almost like you are devaluing yourself.

However, you should figure out quickly how much your art is worth.

Not your time, effort, or the materials

but how much your final product deserves.








p.s. Thank you everyone for being included here.

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