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coming & going


coming & going

despite photography being almost the national hobby (smoking beats it), I get a few funny looks today, shooting fill flash in glaring sunlight. the suits, in Shinjuku.

here’s the way I have done it since the eighties…set the flash to auto (not TTL), select the widest auto aperture, in this case it’s F5.6. Set the lens to two stops smaller aperture, ie F11. Now the flash will complement but not overpower, the ambient light. Shutter speed can be set manually depending on how or little ambient light you want. for this one I shot at 1/400th. and processed in Nik EFX

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Two heads


Venice. Piazza San Marco. Feeding the pigeons.

Old Lady




↑Leica Monochrom and Leica 28mm Elmarit ASPH @ f/4.

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From Spain..

Blues and Bling

signs vs people

Sean Breadsell

Today I was looking for signs and peoples that fit together in some kind of way.  In the short while I was out I nabbed these two which kinds worked, have a look and work out what I found.  But one thing I must say it is harder than you think in the Perth, maybe if I had more than 30 minutes.

Signs vs PeopleSigns vs People

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