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NYFW2013 // Backstage at Derek Lam

Young accordion player

where we live

Young accordion player

San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Fruit Vendor

LUNCH HOUR Daily Photograph #1,850



Daily Photograph #1,850

There's nothing like a good book and beautiful weather to make for a magical break in a busy day.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

No Foreign Lands

It happened so fast but this image was always stuck on my mind; the moment that unfolded as I reacted to it. She turned around, saw him and smiled. She walked over, they held hands and they kissed. At that moment, her leg went up like a princess in a fairytale story would when she is kissing somebody and its over.
I only managed to capture one frame and really enjoyed the moment shared by the couple.

“Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you, Tomorrow I’ll miss you.”
-Paul McCartney


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Entertaining children at the Louvre

black & white Paris

How to entertain a little child in such a big museum as the Louvre?

Well, it’s simple. Just make a game out of it. Pick up a flier on the way in, which most of the times pictures some of the most important paintings and where they are. Then give a camera, phone or tablet to the kid asking them to find the paintings pictured in the brochure and to take photos of them. It worked miracles. She looked at each and every painting on the wall snapping away at the main attractions.

However, the Louvre is a massive museum and, after speeding from hall to hall and the enthusiasm started to wear down, we looked at other attractions. You will find a lot of people who sit down and sketch what has been pictured by the masters themselves. For little kids, just like ours, who eventually get tired and want to sit, this was…

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The 1970’s

NJ Corporate Portrait Photographer Blog

Candid Street Portrait
We all have our past. My  youth was spent in the 1960’s and 70’s. Most of my friends were musicians. I wasn’t one. I was the filmmaker-photographer with an emphasis on “filmmaker”. In practical terms what that means today, is I have photographs of my friends, but not enough of them. I pulled out these images recently, reconnected with the old gang on facebook and they have greatly enjoyed seeing themselves. What I wish is that I had taken more pictures. A lot more.
The young man above was Keith. He was a talented guitar player but a horrendous cameraman. In 1970 I was working on my film “The Blitz”. It’s about a young man (me) who found a Puerto Rican genie (another close friend) who grants him a wish – to become Hitler. It was a silent comedy movie with music. Filming of the movie was “unorganized” as you…

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