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Old Man Playing Musical Instrument



New York Fashion Week Feb 12, 2013 Part 6 (7 pics)

So British, a man sitting in St John Wood…

Not my kind of thing, dear

Oblique Exposure

I’ve been leisurely reading Tanya Nagar‘s inspiring book, “The New Street Photographer’s Manifesto“, and wanted to try my hand at superimposing people and props. When I saw Primark’s Valentine’s campaign I knew I had a winner – if only the right person would walk past…

Manchester Primark

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Unit 44 – The Bugle Infantry

JCorr Photojournalism

Unit 44 - The Bugle Infantry

On January 21, 2013, Ralph Phillips, dressed in Union Soldier uniform from the Civil War, stands in attention while holding the American Flag at the “MLK March” in Chattanooga, TN. He paraded with a small group called, “Unit 44 -The Bugle Infantry,” who marched with drums and rifles in hand. Hundreds of people participated in this event, beginning at the Olivet Baptist Church and ended at the Tivoli Theatre where a ceremony was held honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

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At “The Office”

A Noble Point

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